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Johannes and The Secret Life with ​Waltzing on Waves (Jazz/Folk) $7

Saturday, March 14 @ 9:00 pm - 11:00 pm

Johannes & The Secret Life is the unlikely meeting of musicians and songwriters from a variety of backgrounds. A fateful encounter at an open mic last spring led to the collaboration that birthed the new band. The two songwriters (Daniel, and Dan) draw inspiration from a range of early popular American music, Jazz, and Mediterranean folk. Their lyrics are influenced by years of wandering the globe— by choice or obligation— resulting in songs that speak of longing and reflection. Slow and brooding arrangements turn unexpectedly boisterous, with tempo changes and meandering chord progressions. Johannes and the Secret Life are: Dan Johannes, Daniel Martí, Erica VonBank, Paul Nevins, and Shawn Maroney.

Johannes & The Secret Life Official Bandcamp Site


​Waltzing on Waves is the solo act of Twin Cities-based Performing and Recording Artist/Neurodiversity Advocate, Jen Bluhm. Jen carries a special appreciation for the bittersweet places, the preciously awkward paces, and the esoteric spaces that music can identify & elevate in the hearts and minds of humans. She masters her voice well, accessing techniques and devices from many different styles of music from Opera to American Roots. She is a prolific songwriter and composer, a recipient of the American Composers Forum’s 2018 Minnesota Emerging Composer Award (MECA – supported by Jerome Foundation), an Award-nominated film composer, freelance vocalist, and a gifted multi-instrumentalist.

​Jen’s connection with the Neurodiversity Movement began with the discovery and acceptance of her own neurodivergent mind and the minds & ways of her neurodivergent children.  She celebrates and embraces daily the beauty and depth that Neurominorities contribute to our world while acknowledging the limitations and adversity the disabled, the disordered, and the “different” navigate every day.

Waltzing on Waves Official Website 

Music 9-11pm

Make a reservation at www.AsterCafe.com to reserve your seat for the show. 

$7 cover charge will be added to your tab. 



Saturday, March 14
9:00 pm - 11:00 pm